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how much does window replacement costs

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost?

As your home ages, you will eventually consider replacing windows because your windows become old and out of fashion. Moreover, they may not function ideally anymore. The average window replacement cost varies widely because of several factors. The cost to replace your windows depends on the material of replacement windows, the labor costs, as well as having to replace beyond the window frames. Most types of windows cost between $100 to $800. The labor costs range between $100 to $250 per window. Just imagine how long does it take to replace a window, then multiply that by how many windows, the cost could run into the thousands for multiple window replacements. Fortunately, we have modern options such as energy-efficient windows, fiberglass windows, casement windows, wood windows, vinyl windows, and other window replacement options to help you save money for a project.

Factors That Affect The Cost to Replace Windows

Your choice of a replacement window alone can range into the thousands. Many factors come into your total window replacement cost. Here below are these factors:

Window Frames

Window frames matter the most in determining the stability of your windows. Fiberglass window frames usually cost the most. Sturdy materials such as vinyl and wood are more affordable. Moreover, these are ideal materials for double-hung windows. Aluminum window frames present the most affordable options. Sliding windows made of aluminum are one of the most affordable options on the market. However, there is much more to consider when calculating the cost of replacing windows.

Window Type

The price difference between bay windows and simple single-hung wood windows can run into the thousands. The price between single-hung windows and double-pane windows of the same size alone varies greatly. We recommend thoroughly planning the type of windows you select to save money. Specialty windows such as substantial sliding windows, storm windows, Pella windows, or custom windows are the most expensive windows. Garden windows are one of the most costly because of the difficulty of installation. A double-hung window is somewhere in the middle, making these a popular choice throughout the country. However, if you have your heart set on having a bay window, expect the window replacement costs to be much higher than opting for a picture window, an awning window, a single hung window, or glass-block windows.

Window Size

Since more oversized windows require more materials, the window installation costs for more oversized windows are much more expensive than smaller ones. Imagine how much bigger casement windows costs? The combination of window size and window type will greatly affect your window replacement cost calculation.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy star ratings affect the cost of replacement windows. The more energy-efficient they are, the higher the price. Argon-gas-filled double pane windows are an example of high-energy star-rated windows that cost higher. However, consider how much you will save money on energy bills in the long run if you have energy-efficient windows.

Labor Costs

The expected labor costs for window replacement by professional window installers is around $40 per hour. The labor costs could increase depending on how to install a window, and the size and complexity of your window. If you have an existing window frame, like in the case of retrofit replacement, you can expect the labor cost to decrease because the work is more straightforward and faster to finish. If you require knocking-down walls to accommodate a full frame window replacement project, you can expect the labor costs to be much higher. Another factor that affects labor costs is the location of your house. If you have abundant choices in your area, the labor costs will usually be lower. Another way your site can affect window replacement costs is your locality. The labor costs in urban areas are generally higher than in the suburbs.

Replacing Multiple Windows At Once

If you can afford it, you can save on your window replacement project by planning on replacing many windows at once. Contractors often offer discounts for multiple window replacement projects. You may often agree on a base price with a contractor. Though you will pay more upfront, you will only need to pay the base price once. If the work is not complicated, you may not have to worry about the cost per hour.

The Average Cost to Install Replacement Windows

Labor costs are comparatively less varied than the type of window frame and type of windows you want to install. However, if your location is in an urban area, expect the labor costs to be double that if you are in a rural area.

The range of prices from the cheapest windows to the most expensive windows is between $150 to $3000. Therefore, the window style and the window frame materials are what drive the average cost to replace windows.

Takeaways: How To Save On Window Replacement Cost

The key to saving on your window replacement cost is thorough planning. Now that you know that the type of window and frame material determines how the price will go, you need to select carefully which type will go to which part of your home. Though replacing windows all at once is expensive upfront, consider how much you will save on having to pay the base price only once. However, you also need to consider the quality of your replacement windows. L.J. Neal & Sons have been in the business for seven decades, providing the highest-quality windows across the country at reasonable prices. We offer the sturdiest windows that can last for generations while enhancing the beauty of your home. Call us at (630) 929-6190 for prices and availability, or email us at contactus@ljnealandsons.com.